Will your company be around in 10 years..?

Hey, remember Kodak? What about Blockbuster, Tower Records, or Radio Shack? Ah the good old days. How the giants have fallen. Scary, isn't it? What change can do to you if you aren't ready to meet it. 

We don't have to tell you that the world is shifting more rapidly than before. Life is about change, and change is about constantly adapting and evolving. New ways of operating, new products and services, new ways of connecting with customers.  

But how does one do that? Creativity and innovation, what else? In a world where change is the currency, which side of the fence are you on? 

Don't just listen to us, have a look for yourself...

More information is not the answer... 

It’s 2017 and let’s face it - you can google you want to know.. 

Go ahead, google “how to be creative” and you’ll discover a million people promising tips and tricks. 

The challenge is not about finding information, it’s about knowing what to invest time into learning and putting your knowledge into practice. 

In a world where your time and energy is finitie, how you choose to spend it will determine the quality of your life. 

What if we told you that there’s a more effective way to maximise your effort to get the results you want? 

This is where the power of structured processes step in...

3 Big Myths About Creativity 

I can’t learn to be creative (in a day) - False! 

Truth : With the right mindset, Anyone can be creative if given the right tools.

Creativity strikes like lightning - False! 

Truth: Creativity is about having the right processes.

Being creative is about being completely original - False! 

Truth: Being creative is about seeing old problems in a new light.

How Creativity Can Help Your Business

Turn limited resources into an advantage

Solve problems more creatively by thinking differently  

Create powerful and compelling solutions

What You Will Get Out of This

  • Learn to generate ideas quickly and effectively 
  • Give your team the tools to collaborate effectively and creatively
  • Discover new ways of solving problems 

How Your Team Will Benefit From This 

  • Empower them with the tools they need to make an impact. 
  • Get out of the office for a fun, inspirational day that will keep your team motivated 

Here's what one of our clients have to say... 

“ The Kids are a phenomenal ideas machine. Working with them have very quickly helped me develop my brand which made it easy to attract new customers and clients.”  

- Brendan Jansen Op de Haar (Founder, Try Catch) 

Unstructured Creativity


 Structured Creativity 

Random and unpredictable

Trying to think up completely original ideas

Solitary, disjointed efforts

Process-driven, results everytime.

Develop and combine both new and existing ideas


Who is this for?  


Businesses looking to make a powerful shift into the digital era. 


Startups looking to maximise their resources and galvanise the team.  

Media Agencies

Media and Creative agencies looking to stay ahead of the curve. 

What Makes Us different? 

Our creativity workshop gives you everything you need to jumpstart your team’s creativity, learn to innovate more powerfully together.

Our workshop puts power back in your hands by giving you the tools and techniques to approach problem solving creatively.

You will walk away with the skills to continue to continue being creative long after the workshop has finished.  

“The way these guys approach business challenges with creativty is fantastic. They helped us double the turnout of our festival in only 2 years.”  

- Samuel Taselaar (Founder, Nomads Festival)

Here's what you'll get

Up to 10 seats in a workshop tailored to you. (€5,988 Value) Work together to solve a particular brief, or focus on the creative framework itself and learn to ideate together to identify new challenges. 

A digital journey which captures your learnings and insights (€1,888 Value) Your personal digital journey is illustrated with photos from your workshop, captured by our professional phoographer for lasting keepsake from the day.

A handy tools and tips worksheet to interactively guide ideation. (€598 Value) This easy-to-use guide outlines the creative process we teach you, and serves as an easy reference in the future.

A special Kids Creative Goodie Bag for each participant (€398 Value) Individual photos, some of your most awesome ideas, and lots of gear to empower your future creativity.

An inspired day of team building (€ PRICELESS!) Inspire and recharge your team with new ideas and energy with a hands-on day.  

The power to create new ideas (€ PRICELESS!) Develop new products, discover new customer segments, and identify new business opportunities  

Total Value (€8872

Register your interest today to get it a limited-time, special introductory price! 

Ready to ignite your team?

Our workshop Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Jumpstart Creative Thinking, Sell Your Products, and Inspire Your Team! 

So, are you excited about learning how to ignite creativity yet? If so, then NOW is the time to take action...  

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