360° in the Swiss mountains


A 360° film with fighter jets, helicopters and snowstorms.


Swiss Air is about bringing people places and they wanted a creative way to “bring” people to the legendary Lauberhorn Race in Switzerland.



Opportunity is what stories are made of. SWISS presented the opportunity. Kids and Foundry made the story.

Kids and Foundry took formation to develop an idea that would take the story of the legendary Lauberhorn Race to new heights. In spirit with SWISS testament to courage and pioneering we unfolded a story, that would bring people higher and closer to the Lauberhorn Race. Thanks to state-of-the-art camera technology we could bring people to places limited to the very lucky and talented ones.

Together with the film production company Feit, we succeeded in capturing a unique 360° film, that gave the viewer every conceivable perspective. With four 360° camera kits (each with 6-10 GoPro’s) set inside a Tiger jet, an Airbus 320, on top of a skier’s helmet, under a drone and next to a helicopter. Viewers will feel as they are right in the heat of the action.

We are happy to say that we met SWISS expectations within the first 48 hours of the release. As of today it has plus 3.000.000 collected views and growing and press coverage from several media sites like blick.ch, Horizont.de, wuv.de and 20min.ch.

Take a look for yourself.

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