Vieni. Bevi. Mangi.


In cooperation with our friends from Schweizer & Kosovsky, we opened our pop-up restaurant in the beautiful Rosenhöfe in Berlin Mitte. From Little Italy’s conception, to branding & design, to marketing activities, we poured our (partly Italian) heart and soul into every aspect of this fun project.

The idea

To bring a touch of Italy to Berlin for a summer and delight our guests with treats from the Dolce Vita.

The results

Between June and September 2018, we treated thousands of guests from near and far to Italian delights - exquisite coffee, authentic gelato, homemade pizza and pasta, and gorgeous aperitifs. In the center of the Rosenhöf, Little Italy became the perfect break from shopping, and a cozy evening spot to enjoy the last bits of sun with friends.

A huge thanks to our partners, Campari, Birra Moretti, Tres Cabezas, Barkin’Kitchen, and Seventh Heaven, who provided our guests with the most authentic culinary experience, and without whose help such a spectacular summer event would have been impossible.


“A wonderful place that brings back all the childhood memories of a italian summer holiday. Great spirit of the people and amazing ambiente with aperol spritz and best coffee in town. A place to be just perfectly happy.” - Sophie Gala

“Had such a good time here! What started with ice cream, ended with a few drinks! =) The food, the drinks, the atmosphere was incredible, it reminded us of the piazzas in Florence we were at the week before. We ended up staying hours. Totally recommended.” - Tiffany Kappeler

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