After great feedback from our clients and partners, we’ve decided to open up our Innovation Workshop to everyone. We’re here to help companies, teams, and individuals unlock creative potential and learn to innovate to conquer tough challenges.

We have 8 years of experience, hosting more than 50 workshops for our clients & partners.

Ignite your team’s creativity, imagination, and innovative thinking.

Over the years, we’ve met many clients who tell us “we’re not creative” and one session later they always surprise themselves with the progress they make through the exercises in our creativity workshop.

Our hands-on workshops are for companies and professional creatives who wants to be more innovative and creative. Designed with a strong active-learning component, our facilitators will teach you the surprising art and science behind creative thinking. We’ll provide you with concrete tools and techniques that can be instantly applied to tackle your business challenges.

Creativity &

Professional training focused at helping teams and individuals to reach their maximum creative potential. Discover powerful creative techniques to develop ideas quickly for your project. Learn practical methods that will enhance your creativity and push you to be your most imaginative and inventive self.

Duration: 1-3 Days

Price on request


A team that plays well together achieves more together. This means increased output and better results. Our workshops give your team a powerful framework with hands-on tools to improve team dynamics immediately across 5 traits: dependability, structure and clarity, meaning, impact, and psychological safety. Learn a valuable approach for project cycles: kick-off, reflection, feedback & how to wrap-up.

Duration: 1-5 Days

Price on request

Creativity &

We'll expand your creative horizon by exploring the art and science behind creativity. During the seminar we'll share some creative techniques and methods that can be used in the workplace immediately. You’ll emerge renewed and armed with the inspirations that your organization needs to stay competitive in today’s challenging marketplace.

Duration: 2 Hours

Price on request

“Every year we need new ideas and concepts to present our festival, because we had the workshop we learned how to create new ideas constantly with our team.”

Founder of Nomads Festival
Samuel Taselaar


We’ve gathered 8 hands-on tips you can easily put into practice to increase creativity in your team or company.