Good quality ChinaChina.Town


Every metropolis with respect for itself has its own Chinatown. Berlin didn’t. So we gave it one.


You think you’re living in a big city? You’re not.
No city without a China Town is big enough. Lucky for you, we’re here to make it right. We will transform Berlin into a metropolis and invite you and your five-star diamond friends for a visit. Chinachinatown waits for you in the dark to keep your heart warm with food’n’booze.

After signing the lease on the place, we only had one month to build everything and make it hot. With our good quality friends at Schweizer & Kosovsky, we created a lovechild of all our wildest dreams:

Dark night club√ Good Qualit¥ Drinks√ Abnormal Entertainment System√ Instant Karaoke√ Hot Noodle Food√ Art project√ Wild snow Panda room√ Instant instagram friendly√ Tattoo tuesday√ Neo-classic neon√ and all sorts of funny things you never thought you’d have needed in your life.


Schweizer & Kosovsky


We hosted and arranged over 20 special events, from pre-marathon dance parties to wedding receptions.


We heard it all at chinachinatown, but one that always came back:

“We want you to stay.”


Art Direction
Creative Direction
Interior Design

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