The only Kids you need.

We are a creative agency founded on the philosophy that playful curiosity can be harnessed to create innovative ideas and solutions.

Our story begins, as these stories often do, with a bunch of restless individuals coming together to create the change they wanted to see. The Kids were born out of impulse, a child of passion if you will. And we’re damn proud of it!

Wait, but don’t grown ups have grown up problems? Serious business. Important responsibilities. Blah blah blah. Yet, it’s undisputed that the best way to solve problems is to solve them creatively. Now that’s a conversation where kids are inevitably referenced for their prowess. For kids, the world exists as a giant playground with endless possibilities. When you combine that mindset with a methodical approach, you get powerful results.

To make work playful by making play serious. That’s our core philosophy.

To us The kids is not just an agency; it’s an idea that we can rediscover our inner child and see the world as kids again. To tap into that hidden source of creative energy and create inspiring ideas and creative solutions for our clients, their customers, and ourselves.

In a rapidly aging world, kids are the future and we’re the only ones you need.

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